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Monday, 21 September 2015

LA SPLASH Studioshine Lip Lustre Aurora Review

(Side Note: Apologies for my absence and lack of responses over the past few months. I've been dealing with a lot of changes in my personal life lately and haven't had the time/energy for blogging. Consider this my hopeful return.)

Today I'm reviewing one of the new shades of LA Splash's Studioshine Lip Lustre range, inspired by Disney's female characters. When I saw the internet going crazy over these new lip shades, I admit I was weak. All they had to do was stick the name of a few Disney princesses on these and I had to have at least one lipstick from the range.

I went for Aurora as I loved the dark pinky/red tone it seemed to have and it was a shade I didn't have already as I usually go for straight up, bold reds. I ordered it from ebay in the end, as the postage if ordered directly from LA Splash's website to the UK was pretty extortionate (I wasn't paying £30 for this baby).

First things first: This can be one messy product when applying. My first time wearing this to my friend's birthday dinner, I applied it in the bathroom at work in a huge hurry which was a BIG mistake. There were pink smears all over my face and hands and in the end I had to use my Dolce and Gabbana trusty lipstick over the top to try and cover up the horror underneath. So essentially, probably don't try wearing this on a day you are late for work.

However, when applied calmly and carefully and in half-decent light, I love the result. As I've mentioned before, the more matte a lip colour, the better as far as I'm concerned as like most liquid lipsticks, it doesn't get more matte than this. It can feel a little dry, but I don't really expect anything else from a liquid lipstick like this. It stays put through kisses and drinking but can slide off a bit if you are eating oily food. I use Johnson's moisturising face wipes to get it off at the end of the day which contain oil and therefore work like a charm. 

I find the colour surprisingly flattering on my pale skin and I'm sold, despite the fact that I'm not usually a pink lips person. It reminds me of Rimmel's Kate 107 lipstick which is a favourite, but this is slightly brighter and more pink. 

So, I say, if you fancy a bit of princess in your life, go for it. It's a shame these are so difficult to come by in the UK at the moment, I've now ordered Evil Queen too (couldn't resist as I love a bit of Once Upon a Time) which I shall review shortly!