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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Revolution Birthday: Makeup Revolution's 2nd Birthday Party GOODY BAG HAUL

Hey Everyone!

So sorry for my recent absence across social media of all kinds lately, I was working very last minute and was rushed off me feet!

However I'm back now with a few exciting posts and videos lined up for you.

Today's one is about last week's Makeup Revolution 2nd birthday party which they kindly invited me to.

As well as great cocktails, a great venue and some exciting new product launches and announcements, I received this giant goody bag on my way home!

There were more products than this included in the bag but they were less exciting to me (things like shower gel and makeup wipes) and I left them at my boyfriends house as they are of more use to me there. BUT I am going to share with you some pictures and quick thoughts of the products.

(As a side note, just because these products were freebies, doesn't mean you won't be getting my honest opinion. One of the things I like about Makeup Revolution as a brand is that they respect that!)

First up is the Makeup Revolution Ultra Flawless Powder Brush

  • It's pretty!
  • I believe it's £9.99 and available at Superdrug or on the Makeup Revolutions website
  • It's VERY soft and fluffy.
  • I used this to apply loose powder all over my face and it did a great job!
  • Too big for setting my concealer under my eyes.

Next is the Makeup Revolution Pro Hygeine Anti Bacterial Blush Cleaner

  • It's a huge bottle!
  • It's one of those 'spray on to your brush and wipe with a cotton pad' cleaners
  • It cleaned my brushes just fine
  • It has a strong scent which smells nice but remains on the brush when it's dry - Do I really want that much perfume on my face/around my eyes?
  • Great value at £5.00 for 200ml at Superdrug or Makeup Revolutions Website

Next is the Freedom Pro Studio Strobe Cream

  • I was so excited to try this as I wanted to try a few similar products including Makeup Revolutions version.
  • It smells so strong! Like biscotti or something... the strong scent, again, worries me as fragrance is an irritant for the skin so I don't really like putting this all over my face.
  • I used it for two days and started to break out slightly in spots and a little rash around my nose which I would guess comes from the strong fragrance.
  • The effect wasn't very noticeable at all, especially once it had dried. Applied to the back of my hand, the product appears to completely sink in to my skin after a couple of minutes.
  • Available from Superdrug and the Freedom Makeup London website for £8.00.

Almost there! Next up are Superdrug's Volume Edition Lashes in 21

  • I haven't actually had a chance to try these yet, but they look a little fake and OTT for me as I like a more natural false lash.
  • However they look nice in the picture so I will definitely give them a try at some point and report back!

FINALLY! The Freedom Makeup London Pro Artist Pad in Black Arts

(Cue heavenly choir)

  • I don't want to say too much about this as I have a full on first impressions coming in a couple of days however: I LOVE THIS!
  • Good quality eyeshadows with lots of pigment.
  • Lots of fallout too.
  • 48 shadows in the palette.
  • Neutral based but with lots of variety.
  • Available at Superdrug and Freedom Makeup London's website for £15.00

So that's it for now, please check out my regular video post for this Thursday which will be a full first impressions on the Freedom Makeup Black Arts Palette and I will have more photos for you then.

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