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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Let's Talk Liner: MAC Into The Well

MAC Into The Well eyeshadow/liner in Beg For It

Today I want to briefly talk about this eyeshadow/liner from the MAC Dark Desires collection that I purchased before Christmas. I was on the lookout for a new liner after my l'oreal pen ran out again and I hated the smudginess I was getting from my eyeko FAT liner throughout the day. I went for two: the MAC fluidline and their Into The Well shadow which is supposed to double up as a liner. I picked the shade Beg For It which is their matte black. 

The shadow comes in this sturdy sleek packaging, and features a dip or 'well' in the middle. The idea is, you wet your brush and swirl in around in the well a little, so you can use the middle part for liner but keep the rest dry for a shadow.

I chose this mainly as I had read about the whole collection on makeupandbeautyblog and Karen seemed to love these and raved about how easy they were to apply. I noticed from her photos that the black didn't look overly dark but decided to go for it anyway.

Wellllll, it is easy to apply. I wet my angled brush like the one in the photo at the top, swirl it around a little and draw on that line. However, it's soooo grey! It's just not black. It's like drawing with ink on your face - but watery ink. I really want a jet black liner and this just isn't that. Especially as I like to wear shimmery eyeshadows (take advantage while you're young boys and gals) and I feel like that comes through underneath, and I don't want that. As for the shadow, I haven't used it for that, I'm not really a black, smoky eye person but it seems like a pretty great matte black if I'm honest. Straight up matte black, lots of pigment. Nice.

So what's the verdict? If you're looking for a matte black shadow, go for it. For a liner, it's really easy to throw on in the morning, I find it hard to go wrong with this and that's great! But the colour's all off in wet form and it leaves a big void where my blackest-of-black liner should be.

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