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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Lime Crime Make Up Haul Review!

Hey everyone! Here is a Lime Crime haul review which I decided to share with you in video form as I had a lot of products to mention and also I have a lot of posts I wanted to share this month that have been delayed, some of which may also be coming to you via YouTube.

I hope you enjoy it and I'm sorry I know it's not the best quality video in the world, but I hope to be investing in some better tech for this as soon as my finances allow.

If you are hoping for some better swatches, I may be adding some in photo form on here over the next couple of days.

Products featured from left to right: Eyeliner in Rhyme, Carousel Glosses in Snow Sicle, Candy Apple, Present, Velveteen liquid lipstick in Riot, Lipsticks in Poison Berry, Airborne Unicorn

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