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Friday, 13 March 2015

Crazy Eyes!

This week I've been feeling really under the weather and unfortunately today I had to drag my self-pitying body out of bed and to a meeting. Therefore I think I subconsciously made the decision to overcompensate for my lack of enthusiasm for getting out of my PJs this morning with BAT S**T CRAZY EYE MAKE UP! I mean really over-the-top, I'm wearing a rainbow on my face kind of eye make up. 

I decided to take a couple of quick pictures for this spontaneous post and share the look with you which I created using a mixture of indie vegan eye shadows and the Urban Decay Vice 3 pallete.

For your reference, I'm wearing: Shiro Cosmetics' Finklestein all over the lid, Notoriously Morbid's Dita on the outer V and a little into the crease, Urban Decay's Alien on the outer half of my lid, Urban Decay's Alchemy  in the crease, outer V and outer third of my lower lash line (what a mouhtful!) and finally a little wash of Urban Decay's Bobby Dazzle  all over and then built up on the inner third of my eye. 

I was surprisingly happy with how this look turned out this morning and I felt it brought a little edge to my otherwise boring outfit today. As a side note, what you can't really see in these photographs is that Finklestein has a strange green/purple thing going on which I love. 

If you happen to have some of these products lying around, give this an experimental try! 

(Note: I'm wearing a coat of Pixie Epoxy under this to bring out the shadows to their best)

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