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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Venus II Palette Review

Today I am giving you my first impressions of the brand new Venus II Palette from Lime Crime.

(Now I know there have been some controversies surrounding this brand so I will say this up front: I personally chose to purchase this palette as well as some other Lime Crime products which I will review here very soon, because I loved my Venus palette and there were some great bargains in the Black Friday sale which for me were too good to pass up. I am not vegan myself and so whether the products are truly vegan or not is something that doesn't really affect me so long as I am only using these products on myself. I'm not going to comment on every issue individually. Whether you yourself want to purchase from this brand is up totally to you.)

Shades from left, top row: Pigeon, Filter, Marsh, Mustard. Bottom row: Fly, Jam, Mud, Boot.

The main reason I decided to purchase this palette was because I felt it featured all those odd colours that I see people wearing from MAC that I don't own and REALLY wish I did. In particular those bold yellow and bold orange shades. In addition to that, I thought pigeon and fly were to die for, with those gorgeous iridescent shimmers.

These shadows all live up my expectations. They are pretty pigmented although perhaps they could be a little more so. I feel they are less pigmented than those in the original Venus palette but they still have enough colour for me.

Pigeon is a stunning murky burgundy/green iridescent shimmer and possibly my favourite shade in the whole thing. I found the burgundy shows up as the primary shade and it is dark, so be prepared for grungy eyes with this.

Filter is nicely pigmented, but this is the one shade in the palette I don't really see myself wearing. If matte baby blue is your thing though then this is exactly that.

Marsh I would say is a slightly shimmery army green. I like it as I like to wear green shadows now and then as I have green eyes and it compliments pigeon very well.

Mustard is... well... a mustard matte yellow.

Fly surprised me as I thought it would be more similar to Aura from Venus I, however it has a divine subtle green shimmer to it which I love and really compliments the other green shades in the palette. It's quite vibrant too.

Jam matte orange.

Mud very warm, rich, matte, reddish brown.

Boot Black with gold shimmer. This is not as pigmented as I would have expected. It is more a smoky black rather than a jet black.

So that's all the shades broken down for you, here's my first look:

For this I am wearing pigeon in my crease, blended quite heavily, Marsh all over my lid, pigeon then patted lightly on the outer third of my lid and finally Fly on the inner corner, patted on the centre of my lid and on the brow bone. Finished it all off with a good blend (boy does this stuff blend) and a touch of pigeon along the outer third of my lower lash line. 

(I'm wearing Riot from Lime Crime on my lips)

I think that's about all for now. I hope that has given you a general idea of the new Venus II palette and come back soon when I will be taking a look at my Lime Crime Black Friday hall!

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