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Monday, 21 December 2015

YSL Couture Palette - Metal Clash

I purchased this pretty fall palette as a birthday treat for myself as I loved the look of the colours included and I normally purchase larger palettes from Urban Decay for example however I have found myself away from home a lot in the past year and thought it would be nice to have something more compact when I'm travelling.

(I usually end up being lazy and just taking a cream shadow with me - boy do I love cream shadows...) 

  The palette itself feels sturdy and I find the design fun and a bit edgy and futuristic. It comes with two mini sponge applicators which - let's face it, I'm never going to use.

  The shadows themselves are lovely. They are quite sheer so if you are after something heavily pigmented then these might not be for you. Personally I mostly buy shadows with loads of pigment and so these make a nice, subtle change which I feel makes them more flattering. The highlights for me are that icy, shimmery pink which is gorgeous and the gold, which is very heavy on the glitter and great for the party season and they blend BEAUTIFULLY. That's the key thing that I love about this palette is that the shades blend effortlessly from one colour in to the next, however you apply them.

It's pretty pricey at £42.50 and I don't feel like you get a whole of product for your money. It's definitely a luxury product and I think it feels that way when you use it. If you're tempted, maybe try and catch it at a bargain in the January sales.

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