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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micelle Solution Review: Cleanser for dehydrated/dry skin

Today I'm really excited to be telling you about one of my absolute favourite products I have been using recently! It's the Hydrabio Micelle Solution cleanser from Bioderma and it looks like this:

Now, I have been using the Philosophy Purity cleanser for a few years now and while it didn't blow me away, I liked it enough to re-purchase a a few times and stick with it. However, I recently received a sample of the Bioderma Sebium Micelle Solution cleanser in my Birchbox a little while ago. I'll be honest - I was almost determined to hate it. First of all I was irritated that once again, Birchbox had sent me a product that was unsuitable for my skin type as I have dry skin and Sebium is for oily skin. Secondly I just really didn't like the idea of a cleanser that you didn't rinse off afterwards. It was unsettling to me. 

So I used it once because I like to try everything I get once (unless I'm pretty sure it's going to bother my skin) and went 'eh' and shoved it in a draw for a cleansing emergency.

However, a curiosity was ignited and after a little while I noticed I was running out of Purity I decided to purchase a bottle of the solution for dehydrated skin, along with some other Bioderma products.

I LOVE THIS! It's half the price of the Purity cleanser at just £10.20 for a 250ml bottle (I also got a couple of pounds off in the sale) and it feels lovely and hydrating on my skin. Now that I am used to it, I love the fact I can just put a few drops of this on a cotton pad and remove my make up or cleanse my skin and I can do it anywhere. I also feel like I am getting my face SO clean with this but it doesn't feel harsh at all. 


But I wanted to share this photo with you. This is the result of the cotton pad after cleansing my face IN THE MORNING after already removing my make up and cleansing my face before bed the previous night:

I just feel like it's getting all of that dirt and oil out of my face without leaving me dry and dehydrated afterwards. Now obviously this is a cleanser and so not a super hydrating product but as far as cleansers go, it's the best I have come across. I even honestly believe that my pores have stayed clearer than they usually would after using a pore remover strip and then continuing to use this cleanser.

So as you can tell, I am so impressed. If you suffer from dry or dehydrated skin (I realise these are not the same thing but think it would be beneficial in both cases) I cannot recommend this enough and for only £10 a bottle, I think it's great value. 

I'll be keeping an eye on other Bioderma products after this one.

Have you tried any of the Bioderma Micelle Soltuions or maybe an alternative brand? What did you think? 

I hope you enjoyed this somewhat excitable review.

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