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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Makeup Revolutions Swatches Part 2: Mermaids VS. Unicorns Palette

Hey everyone,

Today's just a quick one as I'm afraid I'm pretty poorly this week, which is also why there was no YouTube post on Thursday. Just sharing with you some swatches of the colourful Mermaids vs. Unicorns palette from Makeup Revolution. Swatches of the Flawless Matte palette are still to come, but there are so many shadows in that one I didn't manage that this week.

First, a few images of the palette itself:

And then on to the swatches. Unlike the Mermaids Forever palette, the shades in this palette are unamed:

A few notes on this palette:

  • These shadows are of a nice quality. While you only get 12 in this palette as opposed to 32 in Mermaids Forever, my opinion is that this palette has a more universal quality and is less hit and miss than Mermaids Forever.
  • All the shadows are pretty highly pigmented, the strongest being those bright blues and turquoises.
  • There's a fair amount of fallout from some of these and they take some building but not tonnes. 
  • As I said in my previous swatch post - I REALLY RECOMMEND USING A PRIMER.
  • It's a STEAL at £4.00 and personally I would say well worth the money.


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! I just bought the salted caramel palette too and I think it's my favourite of them all.

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they?! So unlike the rest of my eyeshadow collection.